Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Tips and Tricks You Should Know in Internet

4 Tips and Tricks You Should Know in Internet | When you surf, you may be upset, because they have to do things repeatedly, such as typing. Com or www.? Or you tired of having to scroll up and down? Here are tips and tricks you should know while you browse the virtual world. By maximizing the performance of the mouse and keyboard you will get a tremendous advantage, you can also use extensions, plug-ins or add-on (depending on which browser you use).

4 Tips and Tricks You Should Know in Internet

1. When you surf, you always have to type www. and. com. Surely you are bored with it, now you no longer need to do the above steps, you can simply use the keyboard command CTRL + ENTER, then you can go directly to the page you want.

If the address you want to open. Net, use Shift + Enter = Net
If the address you want to open. Org, use Ctrl + Shift + Enter = Org

2. You're logged in to Facebook, and write email on the form the password, because the inet is too fast :p? If you are lazy to use the mouse to return to the form email you can use the SHIFT + TAB.

Previously you must click on the form first, and can use the TAB keyboard function to go to the next form or SHIFT + TAB to return to the previous form.

3. Use the search tool to maximize your potential. You want to find out the latest news that is booming, but do not know how? Use the search tool, or a fancy term Search Engine :D. There are many search engine that you can choose.

4. By knowing the shortcut on the browser, you can save your energy. Suppose you want to type in the address bar, but you're too lazy to use a mouse then you can use the shortcut ALT + D. Want to know more shortcuts? Here's the list:

ALT + left/backspace back to previous page
ALT + D to move the cursor in the address bar
CTRL + plus/minus  to zoom in and zoom out look of the browser
Ctrl + B to open bookmarks bar on your browser
Ctrl + F find bar opens to allow you to search
F5 to refresh or reload the web page back
F11 makes the page appear in full screen.

Note: Shortcut on each browser is different.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 Full

Free PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 Full | For you computer users, you may want to convert PDF files into editable Word file. I myself often experience that, when I want to edit and change the contents of a PDF page that I found on the internet, then I need to first convert it into an editable file, one of which is to transform PDF files into Word (*. Doc or *. Docx ).

If you want to convert PDF file to Word file, you can use the software PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3. "PDF to Word 2.5.3" is the software that you can use to change or convert PDF files into Word files you can edit.

PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 is a fast PDF to word converter and accurate.

PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 has excellent features such as:

1. Supports converting the encrypted PDF file

2. Supports Microsoft Office 2010 and windows 7

3. conversion has 3 modes: batch (many files at once), partial (certain sections contained in a file), and right-click (right click on the file to be converted)

4. PDF files will be converted into a complete word includes the text, layout, images, hyperlinks and you can edit through word office.

PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 is very easy to use to convert PDF file to word. You can convert a Word 2010 (. Docx), 2007 (. Docx), and 2003 (. Doc). Just a click, then the PDF file you will become an editable Word file. All images, text, layout and hyperlinks can be extracted and you can edit as you like.

PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 normally has a price of $ 29.95 or about Rp 300rb

However, with the following little trick, you can get a PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 in full version, comes with original license key is valid for free unlimited time with or without pay.
To obtain a PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 for free and full version, please follow the steps below:

1. Visit this page

2. Click the "Download" to download Word Converter 2.5.3 (Windows version) or click the "Get a Mac Version Here" to download a version of Mac OS

3. click on "Get Key Code" to obtain his or her original license for free and legal.

4. Fill in the necessary data: first name, last name and your valid email then click "Send Me Keycode"

5. Original license key will be sent to your email address.

6. Please install PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 and insert the license key you received the original email earlier.

7. Congratulations, you already have software PDF to Word Converter 2.5.3 original and legally, for free.


Guidelines and How to Assemble Computers

How to Assemble Computers | Yesterday while I was browsing looking for information about the computer, I accidentally found some ebook about How to Assemble Computers. Although now assemble a computer for me was fairly easy, but not when I first learned to assemble a computer a few years ago. Without any guidance, and only armed with a book from the motherboard manual, I learned to assemble a computer myself. Luckily there is no error, so my first computer assembly is not damaged.

How to Assemble Computers is to use ebook. Ebook that I found consists of 3 pieces, all of which are discussed on how to assemble a computer. In this ebook also comes with an image for each step. that will allow you to learn to assemble computers. It seems pretty trivial to assemble a computer, but actually if we are wrong to assemble, it could have been the things we do not want, and we know how expensive the price of computer hardware, hardware. That's why guidance is needed on How to Assemble Computers, especially for anyone to assemble a computer for the first time.

Hopefully ebook that I found this by accident, could be beneficial to my friends all who need them. This How to Assemble Computers Ebook have made in one pocket. Please downloaded at the link below.

How to assemble computer ebook.


Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Take Care Computer Correctly

How to Take Care Computer Correctly | Computer is no longer possible parcel of our daily lives. Office work, school work, until the most recent game, it could be played by this powerful tool. Even so, sometimes there are problems that happen with our computers. The problem that occurs on a computer can not be avoided by anyone. Even computer experts certainly have had a problem on his computer. The matters now is how to Take Care Computer Correctly.

Take Care Computer Correctly can done on a regular basis, so that we can avoid the damage of hardware components, system crash, or loss of important data. Regular computer maintenance will also extend the life of our computers. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if we Take Care Computer Correctly. If you are love your computer, then we'll take care of computer tips below!

Take Care Computer Correctly

1. Clean your computer of dust on a regularly
Open your computer case. But before, make sure no liquid and a nearby magnet. Look, if the device is filled with dust in it? If yes, immediately wipe off with a soft brush small/medium. Make sure that the RAM, video card, modem, sound card, TV tuner, fan, and motherboard your computer is clean of dust.

2. Empty Recycle Bin on a regularly
If you delete a file, the file will be deleted into the Recycle Bin first, so that next time we need this file, we can still pick it up again. However, the files in the Recycle Bin still take space from your hard disk. In addition, too many files in the Recycle Bin will make our computers become slower.

3. Close unused programs
The next step in Take Care Computer Correctly is: to close the programs that are not used. The more programs running, then the computer's performance will be slower. Ultimately, this will shorten the life of our own computers.

4. Install an antivirus
Viruses are annoying, sometimes even viruses make us have to reinstall the computer. This course will take a lot of time, and can shorten the life of your hard disk. Fortunately, the virus can be overcome obstinacy with an antivirus program. Therefore, antivirus programs installed on your computer, and update it with a regular program to prevent the spread of new virus.

5. Use Stabilizer or UPS
In take care computer correctly, use the UPS. UPS serves to give us a little time when a sudden power failure. As soon as possible so that we can close the running programs, save documents, and turn off the computer.

7. Do a defragment
Defragment have function to compile the files back, so when read/write data, hard disk workload will be lighter.

Here first article about "how to Take Care Computer Correctly", hopefully this article useful. Good luck.
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